Reviews About Good Laptops

First, we will examine some of the things we need to look at when making the decision to purchase good laptops for your home or business. Some of these things include the type of specifications the laptop should have such as CPU, Memory, Hard drive Space, Screen Size, etc. Knowing and understanding these specifications can help you to make a wise choice even when purchasing cheap good laptops.

Good Laptops Reviews Help You Choose Good laptopsLet’s examine some of these properties in detail. Processor (or Brain of the Lap top Computer)

The processor (or in layman’s term – the brain) of a laptop is the CPU. CPU processors include Pentium (such as Pentium 2, 3 or 4), Pentium M, Intel Core Duo, Core 2 Duo, and AMD Athlon Turion 64 X2 dual-core. The Pentium Processors are older single core processors. We would recommend the Intel Core Duo Processors or the AMD Athlon Turion 64 X2 dual-core.

  • Ram (or Memory of the Laptop Computer)

The Ram (or In layman’s term – System Memory) of the Laptop Computer is very Important. This is one area where your would not want to skimp on. The Ram Contributes to the speed at which the computer processes programs and applications. The more ram the laptop computer has, the faster it will run when being used for software applications or games or even browsing the internet. We recommend starting out with at least 1 gigabyte (which is 1000 megabyte) or 1 GB of ram.

  • Hard drive

The Hard Drive in the laptop is the amount of space that the Lap top computer has where you can store data or programs on the laptop computer. The bigger the hard drive size, the better and the longer it will last before it gets filled up with all of your data, pictures or games or software programs that are installed. We recommend a size of at least 160 gigabyte/GB or more.

  • Video Card Graphics memory

The Video Card Graphic Memory of the laptop computer is the ram that the individual graphic card of the laptop contains. This memory of ram allows the laptop to display graphics on the laptop screen. If you are an avid gamer we would recommend a laptop computer with a 3D Graphic chip video card with about 256MB to 512MB of dedicated video card ram or memory. However, for the average user (whether for personal or business use, we recommend 128MB or more of Video Card Graphics Memory.

  • Screen

The Laptop Screen is another very important area of good laptops that it’s good to take into account. Nowadays, laptops screens have gotten bigger and better and many of them are wide screen and can be used to watch movies or edit documents and spreadsheets in a comfortable way. If you are using the laptop computer for business and travel a lot, then it would probably be better to have a smaller screen such as 12.1 inches or 13.1 inches since this would help the laptop to be more portable. Now if your intention is to use the laptop mostly at home, then we would recommend a nice wide 17 inch screen.

  • Keyboard and Mouse

The Keyboard and mouse of a laptop computer needs to be comfortable and easy to use for the home or business User. If your fingers are bigger, you may prefer a larger keyboard as it would be more comfortable to use. Also the type of built-in mouse on the laptop computer could also determine if the laptop computer is easy to user. We recommend that you try the laptop computer out first and get a feel for the keyboard and mouse before you decide if the laptop is for you

  • Battery

The battery is what will keep the laptop running when it is not plugged into an electrical outlet. If you wish to take the laptop with you when travelling and they won’t always be electrical outlets available to plug in the laptop computer, then it’s very important to consider the battery life of the laptop. If you purchase a Core Duo or Core 2 Duo Processor Laptop Computer, we recommend a battery that last about 3 and a half hours.

  • Optical drives

An Optical Drive on a Laptop Computer is just the Cdrom or the DVD Drive. Sometimes you can forego having a cd or dvd drive if you need a laptop that’s lighter in weight or smaller. You would then just attach an external removable Cdrom or DVD Drive when needed. We recommend a laptop computer with a rewritable DVD drive if you are a home or business user and don’t intent to do a lot of travelling with the laptop computer.

  • USB Ports and Other Ports

The USB Ports on the laptop allows the functionality of the laptop to be extended. USB ports allows the laptop to be connected to many different things such as printers, scanners, USB Drives, Digital Cameras, Etc. We recommend good laptops with at least 2 USB Ports. If you know that you will be using the laptop to do quite a bit of video editing, then we also recommend a laptop computer with a FireWire (IEEE 1394) port.

  • Wireless Capability

Wireless Capability is very desirable in good laptops. This allows you to be able to connect using existing wireless network connections in your area ( or whatever area you happen to be in). We recommend that the laptop has a built-in wireless connection and also blue-tooth which will allow you to transfer data or information between your mobile phone and your laptop computer. Another thing that we recommend is for the laptop computer to have card slots for removable media such as compact flash or multimedia card which is very nice to have if you intend to take lots of digital pictures in the future.

How the features mention can help in choosing Good Laptops

We know that we have presented quite a lot of features to look for when purchasing good laptops and we hope the information has not been too overwhelming for you. There are good deals on laptops to be found and we will help you to find your way through. Of course you may even be asking yourself “but what are some good laptops  …”. No need to worry, we will also cover that puzzling subject in another article.

Just remember a few more important tips when you are ready to purchase good laptops;

First, Think of how you will use the laptop and what are some of the things you would like to use it for. If you will be using the laptop mostly for word processing or typing, then you would not need a very powerful machine. You would just need a cheaper one with not a lot of bells and whistles. Of course, if you would want to use the laptop computer to play the newest games online or offline, then you would need a more powerful laptop computer.

Next, There are some features of a laptop you can sacrifice and other features that it is best not to. For example, you could settle for a small screen size but you may prefer a more ram or a Long Lasting Battery. Of course, if you will have the laptop always plugged in at home, you may not be as concerned about the battery. You might decide you would like to have the laptop super fast but don’t mind a smaller hard drive. It’s your choice as to which features of the laptop computer you don’t mind sacrificing a bit.

And Last but not least, Take into consideration that you can also have your laptop computer custom built which can allow you to pick and choose the features you want. That way, you can save some money and just pick the features you need and not pay for unnecessary fluff you don’t need.

Either way, whether you get good laptops custom built or purchase them already complete, you should have no problem finding good laptops under 500that should fit your budget and work fine for your needs.

Now You are More Prepared to Choose Good Laptops For Your Personal or Business Use

Hopefully this article has been able to help you to better understand the different features of good laptops and how to choose a good laptop computer. There are quite a few good laptop brands that you can choose from and we will cover those brands in another article. A good laptop can be a pretty expensive investment but can last you for years and will work well for your personal or business use, if you choose wisely. Finding the correct good laptop that suits your personal or business needs will take good research on your part. Even if you are looking for good laptops for college or good laptops for gaming, this article and the tips provided should also assist you in making this research and decision easier. Wish you the best on your purchase of a good laptop.

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